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How would you like to reach your American Dream?

Start or Buy a business with none of your own cash?

Are you tired of working for someone else, making them rich, while you just get by? Do you fear being laid off? Have you suffered from budget cutbacks? Just visit THE AMERICAN DREAM BOOK site at to get your FREE COPY of the strategies.You will lean how to buy or start a business with NONE of your own cash. No cash down techniques to buy or start any kind of business without your money.

Why not reach the American Dream. United States is the land of opportunity, as everyone knows, so why not take advantage of it? Take action and make an investment for your future. Don't wait for Social Security to go bankrupt and then not have any money left for your retirement.

Learn how to use creative techniques to own your own company! More millionaires are made each day due to their ambitions and their determination to own a Fortune 500 company. Be a part of the "Life of the Rich and Richer". Learn some new strategies and techniques from our consulting sessions.

Do you have a great idea for a business or product, but are strapped for cash? We will help you break down the myths of corporate financing and offer you the tools and know-how to buy or start a business without using your own money. Just visit THE AMERICAN DREAM BOOK site at to get your FREE COPY of the strategies.

Many people have used systems for getting rich through acquisitions and take-overs. All of these strategies overlook one crucial fact: "The real key to success in the field of entrepreneurship is not using YOUR money to purchase or start a business, but using that of others." We teach you all the techniques to enable to you to do so successfully. It is very easy to buy or start a business, starting with money; anyone can do it. But we'll teach you how to get what you want without using your own money.

This philosophy and these methods are so simple and yet so powerful that it will change your life - even beyond applying what you learn directly to start-ups and take-overs. Proven concepts are universally successful in their application to help you reach your goals.

The American Dream: How Do You Start or Buy a Business with None of Your Own Cash, uses real-world case studies and anecdotes to illustrate the strategies and resources required for business innovations to accomplish this objective. In addition, our consultation session offers insights into the three key strategies necessary to purchase and start a business, including:

  • Self-confidence in approaching sellers, bankers, and government agencies
  • Understanding the seller's perspective in order to better negotiate a purchase
  • Knowledge of business concepts and how to apply them
  • We will explore topics from acquisitions and takeovers using leverage to buy a business to understanding a seller's behavior during negotiation. Other techniques include:
  • How to use credit cards to finance down payments
  • How to use a business' own receivables, either by borrowing against them from a bank or by selling them, in order to bring in the cash needed for a down payment to the seller
  • How to use negotiating techniques to close deals on great terms

Many young entrepreneurs have the business ideas and know-how but not the financial acumen required to start up a business and live out their dream. My sessions uses simple terms that anyone can understand, regardless of whether they have an MBA or just a great idea. As a result, readers gain the tools and knowledge to become their own boss.


Go to and just register for your FREE copy of the Holy grail of business ownership.

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