Relocation services:

ProAce International Moving and Storage provides quality services for all residential, commercial and governmental personnel, either local, long distance, or across the border to Canada. We offer competitive rates and provide a team of professional movers to protect all your items and deliver them on schedule. ProAce International Moving and Storage is your ONE STOP SHOP for all your moving needs.

Government Contracting Marketing Opportunities

Government procurement is an industry that is unique and challenging. Companies around the USA are fighting for a piece of the pie in terms of providing their products or services on the GSA schedule and other government procurement portals. Looking to venture in this business? ProAce International hires qualified marketing professionals to venture into government procurement with the support and training needed to succeed. If you don't know where to start, let us help you built your own business within our corporation and make you the best in your field of expertise. Do you have the top-notch skills in marketing research? We have the opportunity just for you.

Fitness trainers network:

A network of professional fitness trainers is ready to help you get back in shape. Covering the whole USA and Canada, our network of trainers will help you familiarize with a new exercise regimen that will guide you in the right and fitful track. NO more yo-yo dieting. Exercising and nutrition are the keys to success. Our network of certified trainers will teach you both. The Carfax' of the Moving industry

Heard about moving scams? Low-balls estimates, furniture taken hostage by the movers, broken and damaged items during transit with no proper coverage, and the list goes on and on. Who is responsible for all of that? Movers couldn't care less and you still have to pay their desired prices. Decide not to pay? They will NOT deliver your furniture until you pay every penny. Pretty scary scenario isn't it? Get the facts about your movers with For just 5 dollars, you will have a piece of mind as to who is legit, who operates ethically and professionally and have everything you need to make the right decision in one concise and user-friendly report. No need to spend weeks in researching the mover, you can download it easily at warp speed. Lets do the research for you and feel confident to hire the best movers in the industry. It is time to put a stop with moving scams. is here to do just that. Get your report TODAY!

Event Depot: Your one stop shop for all social events and business networking

Are you looking to promote a social event or activity? Are you looking to bring together attendees for a get together?. Post your event at where Meetup organizers can promote their events to a wide audience. Go ahead, start bringing people together for fund activities, especially after being isolated for over a year during pandemic

Patent Invention services available

Are you an inventor with great ideas but do not know how to adequately protect them? Patenting a product can be tricky, requiring a great amount of knowledge and patience. Not knowing how to get around the USPTO red tape can cost you and arm and a leg with fees that could easily be avoided. We will direct you and help you get your invention protected at a quarter of the price of the large legal firms. With plenty of past experience with patent services,we can help you through the complexities of the process. From provisional to non-provisional patent, your ideas can be protected successfully.For more information, fill out our contact form below and put PATENT SERVICES on the subject line to expedite your response.

Accredited relocation network

Finally! A website that promotes only accredited and certified moving companies by the Better Business Bureau, the American Moving and Storage association, the Household Good forwarders Association of America. Even better, the companies in our relocation network have never been blacklisted by the Movingscam Superlist. Never hesitate to ask every movers for their USDOT # to generate your report. Better be safe than sorry!

If you are searching for honest moving companies, look no further:

The American Dream Consulting

Are you looking to buy or start a business with none of your own cash? Do you think it is impossible? Think again. We will guide you on how to start or buy any kind of business with NONE of your cash. You need help, we will provide it. Business consulting is our line of expertise. Rest assured, you have found the right team.

Government contracting Vendors opportunities

Are you looking to join our team of vendors for the government's agencies? Looking to sell your products and be among the successful vendors in this lucrative market? We need vendors to provide us quality products at affordable prices. Let us market your product to our government procurement friends and make you successful.

Looking to join ProAce team for becoming an independent marketing consultant? We will provide you with a professional training program to be successful in government procurement. Let us help you built your own business within our corporation.

More of our services:

Have you still not found the right service from us? No problem. Here are more exciting services ProAce International has to offer you.

Are you an inspiring author? Have you ever wondered what it is like to get your book published? Have you always asked yourself when entering a bookstore, how did these authors get a shelf space for their books? Well, mostly because publishing houses have an author under their umbrella.

However, all that comes at a price. The author will maybe get a dime or nickel if their books sells. Ideally, you want to hit the 250 000 mark of books sold so you can be on the New York Best seller list. How to do all that? You can always Self-publish and get all the money in your pocket. Yes, promoting yourself is required, but even if you are under the publisher's umbrella, you still need to market your book and ideas to the larger audience. So.... might as well do it for yourself, right? ProAce will help you through the whole process of how to self-publish at a fraction of the price of the vanity presses.

Below are some ideas of books we have published and promoted:

Our new and exciting project is where opportunity can come twice in your life. If you feel you have talent and ready to show it to the right agents to get the music contract you have always been wishing for, well..... this is the place to share your talent with a large audience! Underdogidols is for those who either have or have not been on the reality TV show. Tired of these scam emails you get everyday? Tired of needing to empty your inbox to not fall for these Nigerian scams? The Scaminator is here to help you eliminate ALL type of scams.
Where can you find a company that provides so many different services under ONE roof than with ProAce International? Have you even considered using the power of the internet to promote your services or products to the public? Well, we have a secret for you.IBEM.BIZ is the solution. Internet Based Email Marketing will reflect your quality marketing campaign to your targeted audience. Join and use our great services, and you will see the differences witnessed by an increasing customer base and and a greater number of audiences.

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