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GloateuS MaximuS

"Behind the scenes of personal trainer's lives'and yours"

DATELINE ' Curious about what is going on with your personal trainer's life? Or your friends who works out with a personal trainer? Looking to get some interesting details on how their conduct their business with their clients? Are you looking yourself for a personal trainer but yet do not know how to choose the right one? Are you asking yourself how to exercise properly and lose additional and unwanted weight? All these questions can be answered in this newly published book entitled: Gloateus Maximus: Behind the Scenes of personal trainer's lives'and yours'. You will finally know what is going on behind closed doors in clients/trainer relationship. The truth is finally out. Be ready for a sarcastic ride while reading this book.

The industry of personal training has received plenty of harsh remarks when it comes to violating the code of ethics in the trainer/client relationship. Plenty of personal trainers are trying to eradicate this reputation and install a more conservative approach when it comes to establishing a sane relationship with their clients. Most have heard that the relationship is based on sexual favors more than just the typical exercise session at the gym. It is time to clarify that for most personal trainers walking on planet earth, it became imperative that personal trainer are keeping a platonic relationship with the client. Establishing this relationship enables personal trainers to keep a safe distance with their clients since most trainers are actually the victims in this trainer/client dilemma. As personal trainers ourselves, we have experienced many sexual advances from our female clients and we needed to be upfront that no sexual favors were going to be integrated in the sessions. We see more and more trainers entering the market with some thinking that this industry is an offering for getting plenty of sex and acting as a gigolo and making plenty of money. We are trying to erase this misunderstanding or misconception about being gigolos or being treated like some. It is important to educate the public while still keeping a great sense of humor all throughout the book about the industry of personal training. It is with great pleasure that 'Gloateus Maximus: Behind the scenes of personal training' will present a clear understanding about what personal trainers encounter in a day-to-day basis with their clients. This book also provides to those interested in becoming personal trainers that this industry have become stricter when it comes to certifications and liabilities. We are here to raise your interest by understanding what is going on behind the scenes in a personal trainer's life. Behavioral analysis is an integrated part of this book by explaining how does a personal trainer perceive society and vice versa. We are also integrating some perception of other trainers by conducting interviews and observing dialogues between trainers and clients. This is our journey, ladies and gentlemen, we are opening our doors and the deepest secrets of our lives to entertain you, satisfy your curiosity about who we are and what we do. Welcome to our reality!

This book will also show you:

  • That you don't get fat because you eat a lot, but because you make poor food choices.
  • How to manage your food intake while making sure that you burn fat with the help of a well-balanced exercise regimen.

This book is not a diet, in and of itself, it is a new way of eating which will allow you to manage your weight and will not deprive you of the pleasures of life while having fun reading it.

You'll regain the full energy levels that you had in your younger years just by slightly changing your eating habits.

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