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How to combat obesity in America

The United States, the richest country in the world, but suffers most when it comes to obesity per capita. The lack of knowledge of how the human body works induces people to try diets that have no positive effect, or if so, are impermanent and fail within the following months.

Staying on a diet has become one of the hardest tasks in today's society, sometimes even harder than keeping a marriage successful. We are all in search of the perfect body and the perfect health but the results of our efforts put into our objectives falls short of our expectations. We try diet after diet only to realize, later, that we have on average spent over 20% of our annual budget but yet haven't reached our ideal weight. Obesity is considered a disease by the Center of Disease Control (CDC), and the government is spending billions of taxpayers' dollars to eradicate this disease. According to the CDC, 56.4% of U.S. adults are overweight. A 'hefty' chunk of the population is officially obese, between 19-28% depending on the year being surveyed. The obesity numbers have jumped 61% over the past decade. It doesn't help that 27% of us don't engage in any physical activity and another 28.2% aren't regularly active. You have a 1 in 5 chance of having this disease, and if you do, you will be blamed for developing it and publicly shunned. Now, imagine that your doctor doesn't know how to treat you. Are you worried yet? The disease is real. It is called obesity, and it's not just a national case of bad eating habits; it's a public health emergency.

  • Obesity levels have increased sixty percent across the nation since 1996 affecting more then seventy million Americans,' reports ABC News. Many blame the overeating for this increase but food is only part of the problem. What most don't realize is the never-ending supply of labor saving and entertainment technology has greatly attributed to the obesity problem by changing the environment that we work and live in.
  • Probable solutions:
  • Need to educate our children in schools around the country and limit or eliminate unhealthy snacks (in vending machines) from their schools.
  • Can encourage restaurant business owners to implement healthy menus for their customers and demand healthy menus from fast food restaurant everywhere in the United States by eliminating processed meat and cheese from their establishment.
  • Need to demand that health insurance companies cover more of the medical expenses for diets and health foods prescribed by doctors.
  • Need to pass a bill in congress to allow us to deduct the fees for personal training in all gyms around the country.

These are mere examples on how we could make our country a healthier place to live.

Our mission, if you all wish to accept it, is to combat and prevent obesity in our country. You have chosen a path, ladies and gentlemen, a path to a healthy lifestyle. You will master the principle in which good health and nutrition needn't require eating like a bird. You need only eat right: at the right time of the day and a healthy combination of foods.

You will learn in this book:

  • That you do not get fat because you eat a lot, but because you eat badly.
  • How to manage your intake of food, while making sure that you burn fat with a well-balanced exercise regimen.

You'll realize there are no miracle cures to be had from the companies who promise you success should you only use their products. You will probably lose some weight temporarily, but it will comeback, sometimes even more that what you've originally lost before the diet.

This book is not a diet, per se, it is a new way of eating which will allow you to manage your weight and will not deprive you of the pleasures of life.

You'll regain your full energy levels that you had in your younger years just by slightly change your eating habits.

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