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Government Procurement: How to do business with the federal government and be successful at it. Let us explain.

Government procurement is an industry that is unique and challenging. Companies around the USA are fighting for a piece of the pie in terms of supplying their products or services on the GSA schedule and other government procurement portals (,, Looking to venture in this business? ProAce International hires qualify marketing professionals to venture into government procurement with the support and training needed to succeed. If you don't know where to start, let us help you built your own business within our corporation and make you the best in your field of expertise. Do you have top-notch skills in marketing research? We have the opportunity for you.

Are you looking to close hundred of thousands of dollars contracts like all your existing competitors? Have you ever wondered how government contractors successfully close these large contracts? Have you ever considered the option to venture in the field of government contracting? Too many questions right? Well, here is some information that can clarify any doubts regarding this lucrative yet nerve-wrecking industry that is called GOVERNMENT CONTRACT.

Where to start? First,you need to do lots and lots and LOTS of homework before you can even venture in this industry. Much of it is about political red tape, while another major part is learning what the Federal Acquisition regulation allows and prohibits agencies to do. If you've read the IRS regulations and found them interesting, FAR is the right document for you to READ. However, for the rest of the 99.9% of the USA population; FAR can put anyone in a death bed.

Once you've browsed through the 100 000 pages of FAR, you can then understand what government procurement entails. Nevertheless, let's simplify everything. Procurement officers have to follow guidelines and rules and just can't do whatever they want without dealing with higher hierarchy. The most stressful part of the venture is that going into the labyrinth can be a challenging task. Once you enter these doors, you are entering the MATRIX. Inside, there's a wonderland of doors, and knocking on the right one to get the much needed information is almost an impossible quest. However, once you knock on the right door, the procurement officer and staff are EXTREMELY helpful. The key is to get through that door without losing hope in the process.

Government contracting is enormously lucrative. The agency gets their budget approved in the first couple of months of the year, and then have the green light to spend moderately until they realize they have too much money left in their account which HAS to be spent or return to the federal reserve bank account. Every agency wants to utilize every penny given to them. Otherwise, on the next year, they will get approved ONLY the amount they have used in the previous year. Coming the last quarter (July-September, October 1st is start of 1st quarter), we get every agency to spend close to 60% of their billion dollars budget. That means that they buy a hammer for 500 dollars where they know they can get it at 5 dollars at a local Home Depot. So why don't they just go and purchase at the local store? FAR obligates the agencies to use vendors that are registered with the government and they need to spend money with these specific suppliers. Your tax money at work. What that means for the vendors? Basically..... everything. There is a lot of money spent by federal agencies and lots of money going into the vendors' pockets. There is logic in all of this. The American government is encouraging local businesses to grow and hire more people to meet political requirements. This is how you get this economy rolling towards a positive result.

If you are awarded a contract, you have to be ready to meet every requirement of the agency. There is no margin for error. Any mistake means delay in payment to the vendor, and you. Be ready to have a large cash flow to get this venture going.

SBA (Small Business Administration) helps small seed companies, minority owned businesses, veterans-owned and 8(a) certified companies get government contracts. However, you still need to meet their requirements and they are pretty stringent. Yes, you can get the contract, but you will need to fulfill it and meet all specification.

Once it is fulfilled, you need to understand their invoicing method. Not understanding that part can be nerve wrecking, especially if you depend on that money to survive or close other contracts. This is how you can grow in this industry. Use the money of one contract to finance the next one and so one and so forth.

This is the technique to succeed. Leveraging one contract for the other and moving forward to more challenging, profitable and bigger contracts. The key is patience, determination and perseverance. Never accept NO for an answer, depending of course on why they rejected your bid. Always ask questions, always carefully read the solicitation and their amendments. It will help you financially and keep you in the game.

We need marketing professionals that are looking for new opportunities in the field of government contracting. With every new year, many of us are looking for ways to better ourselves financially and career wise. If you are interested in hearing more information, do not hesitate to contact us through the online form or contact us Toll-Free: 877-963-7283. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Dan Amzallag

Government contract specialist.

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